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How can I read Kindle eBooks on another device?

Amazon Kindle

Episode 1344

Larry from Meneffee, CA

Larry's wife wants to back up her Kindle eBooks onto an SD card to read on another device. Leo says that Kindle uses MOBI as its file version, and it can only be read by Kindle. She'll need to convert the files to ePub, which is a standard format. Leo likes Calibre for that. If she uses the Kindle app, then it's no problem, and she can just install the MOBI files to that other device. She'll need the folder structure first, so she should download a new book on the new device with the Kindle app.

How can I batch convert my graphics files?

Episode 941

Jeff from Pasadena, CA

Jeff has just upgraded his Mac and now he can't use an art program called "Canvas," that he has thousands of art files saved on. He wants to know how to convert all of these for use in another program. The Chatroom says that GraphicConverter is an option. It's been around forever and handles batch conversions. It has a trial version, but it's $40. However, it may not support the Canvas format of CVS, CXV, or CVX.