Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2019 Comes and Goes

CES 2019

Episode 1557

This week was the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and there was a lot of 8K TVs being showed off. Samsung also showed off a new microLED 75" TV. The price is $50,000! Short throw Projector TVs were also popular at CES. LG's Optima is under $2,000.

There were also self driving cars using artificial intelligence and LIDAR. There was also an electric helicopter and self-driving flying cars. There were also Amazon Dash Buttons, which are designed to instantly order a product at the touch of a button.

Leo Heads to CES, Maybe for the Last Time

Episode 942

After the show today, Leo will be flying to Las Vegas for what may be his last journey to the Consumer Electronics Show. While it's fun to see all the new gadgets, with over 150,000 dealers and press going, Leo says the bloom is definitely off the rose. In today's Internet dominated news cycle, Leo wonders why it's even necessary anymore, except for the social aspects. You'll see a lot of stuff announced at CES that ends up being vaporware since they will never see the light of a showroom floor.