Why can't I connect to the internet?

Episode 1533

Shelley from Palmdale, CA

Shelly has Windows 10 and Microsoft EDGE, but she's having issues with her internet access. The website pages keep timing out. Leo says that antivirus software like Trend Micro may be working too zealously to protect you. Leo recommends only using Microsoft Defender on Windows 10. So try disabling Trend Micro or removing it and see if that helps. Check to see if other devices can get online, like your mobile phone. If you can, then it's a Windows issue. If not, then you're not connected at all. Are you sure you have connected your computer to your modem?

How can I connect my VOIP Box?


Episode 1336

Jean from North Hollywood, CA

Jean doesn't have a cell phone and she's decided to move from a landline to VOIP with Ooma. She doesn't know how to set it up, though. Leo says as long as she has internet access, it should work fine. When she connected it to her modem, everything shut down. Leo says she should keep her landline for emergencies because VOIP doesn't have 911 service. So she should keep the least expensive landline called "lifeline service." During a power outage, it will still work.

How can I talk to my dog over the Internet?

Episode 1037

Gary from California

Gary wants to connect to his home network over the internet so he can see his dog via his Samsung camera and talk to him. It requires uPNP to do this. Leo doesn't like uPNP because it has security issues with opening a port to the outside world. The problem is that it's automatic. If malware gets in, it'll open via uPNP and Gary will be vulnerable.

Leo says he can DMZ it or use as guest. Port forwarding is the manual way to do this, and is completely safe. So if he can find out the port that his Samsung camera uses, he could do it that way.