Can Congress Reign in the Tech Industry?


Episode 1805

With five bills before the House, Congress is poised to reign in Big Tech, and a breakup may be required for Big Tech to continue to do business in the United States. The Big Nine - Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Google, and IBM, plus Ali Baba, Tencent/TikTok, and Babu are so dominant in our society, that Congress is starting to be concerned that Big Tech has too much power, and they may require some of those firms to break up into smaller companies. 

Congress May Make Use of All Tech Illegal in the Car

Episode 973

With over 3,000 people a year dying in automobile accidents caused by cellphone use, the NTSB is poised to make a series of voluntary recommendations which would be phased in over the next three years to give automakers time to incorporate them. The recommendations will alter how cellphones will be used in the car and will include:

Disabling Manual Text Entry
Disabling video calls or displays
Disabling text display