How do I Configure a Wireless Printer?


Episode 1618

Neal from Phoenix, AZ

Neal has a cheap Samsung laser printer that he used wirelessly connected to his ASUS router. But it would only work in the less secure WEP. He would disconnect it when he didn't use it. But now, he's picked up an Eero Mesh router and it doesn't support WEP. It's configurable through an internet interface, but how does he do that?  Leo says that to connect, just enter the IP address in the browser in the desktop. Even an iPad will be able to do it. Then he should be able to connect to it and enter the wifi access point, name, and password. It should then open up the printer interface.

Why Does My Phone Change Time Zones Automatically?


Episode 1603

Earnest from Brawley, CA

Earnest's phone automatically changes time zones whenever he goes to Disneyland to a specific area in the park and wants to know why it's doing that? Leo says there's a setting in the phone that he can turn off to prevent it from automatically setting the time zone. But Leo also thinks it could be that the cell site in that area of the park is misconfigured to the wrong time zone, or depending on if he is on a WiFi network, that network is configured to a specific time zone.

How can I get Wi-Fi to work with my cable modem?

Episode 1036

Dan from Hawthorne, CA

Dan has a Kindle Fire HD and he can't connect his tablet to the Internet. Leo says that since Dan bought his own modem, he'll need to call the cable company and give them the MAC address so they can activate that router for use on their service. Once that's done, he'll plug in the cable modem to the router and then put the router into "bridge" mode. Leo advises spending time at Practically Networked. There's some great tutorials there.