Do anyone even need to go to CES anymore?

CES 2015

Episode 1152

Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ

Chip wants to know if anyone really needs to attend CES anymore since everything is available online. Leo says not really. He sends people to cover it. It's a great experience to go at least once. It's out of control, and there's so much to see. But Chip could pretty much see everything virtually now and doesn't need to feel the pressure to attend every single year.

Is the iPad Mini good for the visually impaired?

Apple iPad Mini

Episode 924

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian checked out the iPad Mini and it was pretty cool, and what's cool is that it has stereo speakers. Not even the iPad 3 or 4 have that. Leo says calling it "stereo" is being generous. It's more two speakers side by side.

Julian didn't buy it, however, because he's visually impaired and says the iPhone works fine for him. Julian says that the Best in Tech Conference is coming on Nov. 17, 9-3p in the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Culver City.