computers for seniors

Is the computer designed specifically for senior citizens any good?

WOW Computer

Episode 1478

David from Arvin, CA

David got an email advertising a computer ideal for seniors. Leo says that FirstStreet for Boomers and Beyond sounds like a WOW computer and Leo has played with it and kind of likes it. It runs Linux, so it's very secure. It has a browser, email program, and video chat. But Leo has a problem with the price. It's about $1,000 and it may require a subscription to their service. It's also the only one company that supports it. Leo says that using a Chromebase desktop is a better option, and it's half the price.

Should I get my dad an iPad?

Apple iPad Pro

Episode 1475

John from Massachusetts

John is trying to get his dad involved in computers and wants to get an iPad Pro so he can learn, send emails, etc. Leo says he got his mom a 12" iPad and she loves it. The accessibility features are great for elderly people, but the display can be hard to read for a senior. Another option is a Chromebook. They are super secure and easy to use, only working with a Chrome browser. He could also get a Chromebox which is essentially a desktop version. But iPads are great for seniors who are doing light typing and internet access.

What is a good computer for a senior citizen?

WOW! Computer

Episode 1082

Terry from Whittier, CA

Terry has an 86 year old mother who feels that the world is passing her by with all this social media stuff. She heard about a new computer called the WOW! computer. The WOW! computer is expensive, but they do offer a 30 day trial, so it may be worth it to give it a try. But remember, internet access will be an additional cost too. And the down side is, she would be completely dependent on the WOW! computer company for everything.