computer recommendations

What is a Good Computer for a Retired Person?


Episode 1646

Florence from Michigan

Florence is in her 70s and wants to buy a desktop, but she doesn't want one with a touch screen. Leo says that at this stage, Florence should consider a Chromebox. It will use Google Docs for word processing and do it just as well as any word processor.  But she also wants to do some photoshopping. Leo says that Chrome can do that too with an extension called Pixlr. Another is called POLARR.

What's a Good, Affordable Computer?


Episode 1644

Elizabeth from Palm Desert, CA

Elizabeth wants to get a new computer but wants to save money. Which budget computer should she look at? Leo says that a Chromebook or a Chromebox is ideal for her because she can use her existing monitors (with the ChromeBox) and it's ideal for most of the things we do today online. Liz doesn't have WiFi though. Leo says that if her computer is next to the modem, that's not really an issue. But she'll be chained to your desk when doing things. That's why a WiFi router/modem combination would be better. 

What computer should I get my grandson for college?

2019 MacBook Air

Episode 1627

Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA

Barb's grandson is about to go to college and needs a new computer. Suggestions? Leo says that normally, it's good to contact the college program he's going to attend and see what the recommendation is. Often the book store has a student discount. But if he needs it now, then it depends on what OS he wants. Leo says that Mac is always the best option. For a laptop, a MacBook Air is a great option. Apple will also be announcing a new MacBook Pro next month that will be 16". What Leo recommends is to take him to the Apple Store and see what he likes.