How can I use an AppleTV on an older TV?

Episode 1044

Gary from Dana Point, CA

Gary has a 3rd Generation Apple TV, but he doesn't have an HDTV with an HDMI connection. Leo says that Gary can get an HDMI to component adapter. Leo advises checking

There's a converter from Gefen, and the KanexPro. It's not cheap, and he will lose some quality. That's why Leo says it might be time to get a new HDTV. A Vizio TV would be affordable and has HDMI.

How can I build a gaming computer in the $500 to $1,000 range?

Episode 936

Jonathan from Salem, OR

Leo says that building a computer is a great learning experience and project, but it won't exactly save him money. He also won't get any support if something does go wrong.

Leo suggests spending some time over at PC Perspective and look at their hardware leader board. It'll give him the specs and recommendations on what parts to get that fit in his budget. If he's building a computer, it's an excellent resource.