community internet

What can I do if there's no broadband in my area?

Fiber Optic Cable

Episode 1358

Eric from Ft. Worth, TX

Eric built a house, but there is no internet connection or cable in his community. So the builder is suggesting buying cellular data as a solution. Leo says that sounds like a lawsuit in the making. Leo says that Eric's only real solution other than cellular is satellite, and although it's getting better, it still has severe bandwidth caps. Leo says logging a complaint with the state Public Utilities Commission could help, but it sounds like it's up to Eric to look for wireless solutions.

How can I get my local municipality to build its own broadband infrastructure?

Episode 1087

Bob from Walnut Creek, CA

Leo thinks this could be the best answer to the open internet issue with the FCC. If communities create their own internet, it ends the conversation because it is a municipal utility like water or electricity. One way communities could make this financially viable is to ask commercial providers to provide service on top of their infrastructure. It could also encourage competition among providers. It's a great idea, but it's hard to convince municipalities to do it.

Why are cities levying extra taxes on Internet access?


Episode 1068

Mike from El Segundo, CA

Mike says that city governments are levying extra taxes disguised as internet modernization efforts, when in reality, they're using it for other purposes. Leo says that TWiT isn't a political show, but users should always pay attention to what goes on in their home towns. All politics is local. A greater impact is the monopoly on internet access that companies have, and we've seen that in the recent net neutrality issue resulting in Netflix having to pay.