What MacBook should I buy for college?

Apple MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inch

Episode 1511

Jack from Huntington Beach, CA

Jack has a daughter at UC Santa Cruz studying Bio Engineering. He wants to get her a new laptop. Leo says to call the university and talk to the office about recommendations. They should also call the Bio Engineering department. The student store will also have a student discount.

The MacBook Pro is a good choice. An i5 will be OK, but the i7 will be better for what she does and will future proof it for the next four years. It has 16GB of RAM. A 13" would be ideal for a student, though, too. It has 512GB storage, and they can always get an external drive if she needs more.

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What budget computer should I get my daughter for college?

Apple MacBook Air

Episode 1205

Beth from Temecula, CA

Beth is sending her daughter to school and needs to get her an affordable laptop in the $600 range. Her daughter wants a Mac, though. Leo says that the cheapest Mac is the MacBook Air at $999. She can shave off a hundred or so by going with the Refurbished Macs, but she should only get them through Apple. That way she'll also get a warranty.

What laptop should I buy my daughter for college?

Apple MacBook Air

Episode 1138

Becky from Mission Viejo, CA

Becky wants to get her daughter a computer for college and needs some advise. Half the family is on Mac, half are on PCs. She wants a Mac, but Becky wants her to look at PCs. What should she do? Leo says one thing to do is to call the college and ask what their recommendations are, especially with access to printers. Networks, labs, and special software can determine what computing platform is best. If there's a support group for students, then call them.

Should I buy my daughter a printer for college?

Episode 1112

Mark from Syracuse, NY

EyeDoc Mark's daughter is going to University and he wants to know whether or not she'll need a printer. Leo says that she doesn't really need to bring a printer because Universities provide them, but she may need to pay for each page. That's why Mark is thinking about buying her one for herself. Leo advises getting a laser printer. They're cheaper to use per page and the printer toner lasts a lot longer. A good black and white printer will cover most of her needs. If she needs color, then she can use the printers at the school and pay for it.

What tablet should I buy for school?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Episode 1101

Gehrensen from Santa Clarita, CA

Gehrensen is going to college and is thinking about what portable computer to take to school. He's thinking about a tablet. Leo suggests going to the school bookstore or ask some professors what they recommend. The bookstores will often give student deals. Some professors don't like students typing on laptops during classes, and a tablet wouldn't make noise. It's not as easy to type on, however.

Which laptop should I buy my kid for college?

Episode 1001

Daryl from Henderson, NV

Daryl's kid is going to college and needs a laptop. Which operating system should he buy? Leo says that previous experience is important. Daryl won't be going Apple. So, that leaves Windows. Leo says that Lenovo's Business line is awesome and he can choose either Windows 7 or Windows 8. If he goes with Windows 8, he should get the touchscreen. Leo likes the Yoga.

What laptop should I buy for a college student?

Episode 934

Bart from Yucaipa, CA

Leo suggests contacting the school directly, particularly the book store to see what they advise and what deals they have going on for incoming students. Also talk to the chairman of the engineering department and seek their recommendation for what they are using at the school. If it's Windows, and it likely is, then Leo advises sticking with a Windows 7 laptop. Leo also recommends getting a Kensington lock to prevent theft.

Should I be concerned about security with open Wi-Fi at a college? (Part 1)

Episode 900

Traci from San Diego, CA

Leo says that colleges are very good with security, but she could use a VPN service like PrivateTunnel which would give her an encrypted tunnel to secure servers that no one would see. Also, for social media, Facebook now supports "https," (as does Google) so she should go into her settings and enable that.