code academy

How can I learn to code?

Code Academy

Episode 1619

Markus from Winachi, WA

Markus would like to learn how to code. What language should he start with and what resources should he use? Leo says that by default, you should go to CodeAcademy or and learn Python. That's the short answer. But a better solution is to consider why you want to code? Do you want to write apps for iOS? Learn Swift. If for Android? Java. 

Are coding boot camps worth the money?

Code Academy

Episode 1610

Michael from Anaheim, CA

Micheal wants to know if these coding boot camps can get you a job after learning for only 12 weeks? Leo says that you can get a good start with them, but it's not something you don't want to pay too much money on. Code Academy will teach you the same basic skills. But even then, you have to take what you learn to the next level to make a living at it. Nothing can substitute practice and experience. 

What's a good book on coding for kids?

Kernahan and Ritchie C Programming Language Book

Episode 1586

RJ from Yuma, AZ

RJ is a librarian and wants some recommendations on coding books for kids to learn how to code. Leo says that the issue with books on coding is that they are dated pretty quickly. That's why he always recommends going to Code Academy.  Kids are also interested in learning the languages of the day. But there are some classics including learning Python. The Kernahan and Ritchie C Programming Language Book is a short book, but a classic. How to Design Programs (HTDP) is the most important programming book you can get, and it's free online as well as in publication, along with SICP.

How can I learn to code?

Episode 1282

Anthony from Dana Point, CA

Anthony has to change careers and is looking to get into programming. What program should he start with first: Ruby or Python? Leo says that Ruby on Rails is a good place to start. It'll help him to learn the basics of programs. He should get a Linux box and learn Python. There's plenty of free resources. He should check out Code Academy. It's a great place to learn. And if he learns the basics, each new language becomes easier.

How can I learn how to code?

Episode 1184

Zachary from Phelan, CA

Zachary wants to get started writing code and he doesn't know how to get started. Leo says that it's a great skill to have growing up since everything is heading that way. Even if he doesn't become a professional programmer, it's really useful and fun from a hobby perspective. Leo still writes code. Leo says the best way to start isn't learning a language he can get a job with because chances are, it won't be in use in five years. Languages are very "fad-ish."