cloud transfer

How Do I Transfer Photos From 1 Google Account to Another?


Episode 1801

Diane from Chicago, IL

Diane would like to transfer all her Google photos up to another Google account. Leo says that now is the time to do it because Google is about to eliminate unlimited photo storage in favor of a 15GB limit. There is a third-party service called Cloud Transfer or MultCloud that can do it. But Google has TakeOut, which would allow her to download all of them and then upload all of them.

With all our information in The Cloud, what's to stop the government from performing a digital version of '1984'?

Episode 922

Rick from Oklahoma

Leo says that's a good question. There's the issue of privacy and security, but also the issue of giving ISPs and Cloud controllers too much power. Amazon could cancel his account and books, music, online games and movies could disappear since people don't really buy these things. They just "license" the right to read them.

How can I transfer large video files to the cloud from overseas?

Episode 921

Tim from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that with video, he'll have big files and he'll want to transfer them as fast as possible. He could use remote desktop, but it has a lot of overhead. Leo recommends using a Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure Copy Protocol (SCP). It'll be faster and more secure, and he'll have less issues with drop outs. OSX has a command line FTP built in, but there's also a good application called Transmit that will do it really well. It's as easy as dragging the file onto the icon.