cloud storage

How can I create my own private, cloud based backup?

File Transporter Sync

Episode 1125

Bret from Demoines, IA

Bret would like to create his own off site cloud storage at a friend's house. Leo says he can have a private cloud and there's several ways to do it. Leo also advises the File Transporter, which is a small device that he would hook up his hard drive to. Then it syncs with a second File Transporter hooked up to a hard drive in another location.

How can I sync to the cloud without having issues with duplicate files?

Episode 1086

Steve from Calabassas, CA

Steve has Google Drive but he doesn't think it's organized very well for backup. Leo says it's not ideal as a backup solution. It's more of a temporary repository. Steve is having problems syncing to it, because it just keeps creating multiple copies. Leo says he could turn on Versioning in Google Docs, so that may help.

Why doesn't the iPad have external storage?

iPad Air

Episode 1080

Neil from Phoenix, AZ

Neil built a killer desktop computer, but he's now finding his needs are simpler now. So he's thinking of getting an iPad. Leo says it really comes down to what he wants a computer for. He wouldn't write a novel on it, but for surfing the internet, doing email, and documents, it's ideal.

Neil says it lacks external storage, though. Leo says that is an issue. The iPad does come in an 128GB model now, but most of us store our data in the cloud, where he can access it any time. So he really won't need that external storage on the iPad.

What's the best cloud storage backup for external drives? (Part 2)

Episode 998

Vicky from California

Leo says that DropBox is a great option for students, which has 5GB free.

For pictures, Flickr has given users 1 TB of data for free. So that's a solid option to upload images. Or, she can just backup those images to an external hard drive and then take the hard drive off site.

She's also wondering what voice recorders would be best for school. Leo says Olympus makes some very inexpensive voice recorders.