cloud backup

How can I access all my data from multiple devices?

Episode 1189

Marian from Santa Ana, CA

Marian needs to connect five wireless devices to the same storage. Leo says that the easiest would be to buy storage in the cloud. iCloud would be the best option for Marian's Apple needs, and she can direct data to be automatically backed up to iCloud and then access all of it from any of her devices. Videos is going to be a challenge, though. But for images, Apple's new Photos app does it all automatically once she turns on iCloud Drive. It'll also put size appropriate versions for her device automatically, which will save space.

Do I need a hard drive backup if I'm backing up to the cloud?

Episode 1184

Jim from Sacramento, CA

Jim has heard that physical media is dead and everything is going to the cloud. How does that affect a 3-2-1 backup strategy? Leo says that while it's right that data is moving to the cloud, it can be slow to get back. Having local backups in addition to a cloud backup is a good idea. So he should have an online hard drive, a near line hard drive backup, and then his off site cloud backup. Leo still recommends having a hard drive backup that he can get to.

What is a good solution for keeping my Office documents in the Cloud?

Episode 1089

Todd from Sacramento, CA

Todd has always backed up his documents to a flash drive, but since it has failed, he's starting think there has to be a smarter way to do it. He was thinking of putting them on Google Docs. Leo says it's a good solution that's free, but it can be limited. Leo likes Microsoft's Office 365 since it's cloud based, yet documents can still be stored locally.

Should I get cloud backup when I go to college?

Episode 1008

Kyle from Sparta, MI

Kyle is a senior and is looking for a laptop for college next year. He wants to know what computer he should get and if he needs cloud backup. Leo says that cloud backup is good for data like papers, schoolwork, etc, but media takes way too long. A local USB 3 external drive to backup to is still a good idea.

Leo says if Kyle can wait a few months for a laptop, he'll be able to take advantage of the Haswell based chips in ultrabooks.