Closed captioning

How Can I Move Closed Captioning Location On My TV?

Closed Captioning

Episode 1787

Ken from Corona, CA

Ken got a new Vizio TV for Christmas, and he uses closed captioning. But it appears in the middle of the picture. Nobody seems to know how to move it to the bottom, where it belongs. Leo says that it could be a setting on the TV that does it. It depends on where the closed captioning is coming from. Check out this tech note from Vizio. Press CC on the remote. Then the menu.

How can I adjust closed captioning on my TV?

CC - Closed Captioning

Episode 1746

Gary from Hatfield, PA

Gary wants to know if there's a way to change the closed captioning from being displayed where it does. Leo says that sometimes, TVs use different positioning for CC1, CC2, etc. Some systems allow you to modify the style of the captions for background, size, outlined, etc. Depends on the provider you use. Check out this article from the NY Times.