Why can't I connect to the internet?

Episode 1074

Gina from Hollywood, CA

Gina tried to change her Windows account to a limited user, but now she has no internet connection. What happened? Leo says that sometimes a program won't operate properly unless it runs as an administrator. So that may cause the issue connecting to the Internet. She also has DSLExtreme and it may be that downgrading may have broken her connection to them. Leo says she should double check her connections as well. But at this point, Leo advises contacting DSLExtreme to ask them for help.

What computer should I get to replace my old Windows XP machine?

Acer Chromebook

Episode 1065

Maria from Los Angeles, CA

Maria wants to get a Mac because of its security benefits, but she needs to use Microsoft Office. Leo says that Mac supports Office, and although it's more expensive, a quality PC will cost about the same anyway. Another idea is the Google Chromebook, with costs ranging from about $200 to $500. She can then use Google Docs which is just as good as Microsoft Office and she wouldn't have to buy it. A great choice, but it's a very simple computer.

Should I get an Apple or Windows laptop or tablet?

Episode 1024

Colby from

Colby's parents are going to get him either a laptop or tablet. Apple or Windows? Leo says it largely depends on what the school uses, usually. A tablet for school work is a tedious affair. So you'd have to buy a bluetooth grade keyboard for another $100. Microsoft will be coming out with the Surface 2 in two days. Also check out the HP ChromeBook. A real laptop, but it runs the Chrome OS. You use Google Docs and you' have all you need and the price isn't all that bad at $279.

Are there any programs to help people on disability get computers? (Part 2)

Episode 996

Jake from Goldendale, WA

Jake is on disability and is wondering if there are any programs that may help him get a new computer. Leo suggests trying a computer recycling center to see if they have any programs like this.

From the chatroom, BigJinge says there may be some veteran groups in the area, and Riddler says he could check with United Way. Another suggestion is to get a Chromebook since they are very affordable at around $250.

Can a Chromebook run Java?

Episode 980

Lynette from Azusa, CA

Lynette watched all of the speeches at Google I/O this week, and thought all the talk of the Google environment was interesting. She was thinking about getting a Chromebook but doesn't know if it'll run Java because she loves playing games online. Leo says she'd have to hack the Chromebook to get Java on it, and Leo doesn't advise that. She should just look at a regular laptop.

Google Announces ChromeBook Pixel

Episode 955

Google announced the ChromeBook Pixel, which is essentially an internet browser that relies on Google Docs. At $1300, everyone is scratching their heads. Sure, it has a retina display with touch enabled capability. USB, 5 hour battery life, an i5 Intel processor with 4GB RAM and a 32GB hard drive, with WiFi. The problem is, there's no OS and no apps. Very little storage. The original ChromeBook for $300 is a cheap alternative for education. A high end $1300 ChromeBook, in Leo's opinion, is baffling.