I had to reset Internet Explorer 7 and it messed up some of my Norton settings. How can I fix it?

Episode 904

Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA

First of all, Leo says using a six year old browser is probably causing a lot of those problems. She should update it to IE 8, or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. Leo thinks that most people should switch to Google Chrome as their browser, though.

How can I change the font in Internet Explorer?

Google Chrome

Episode 893

Mark from Ventura, CA

It's possible to temporarily change fonts by pressing "control +" in any browser. He could also change the font sizes within webmail of most email clients. If he goes to Internet Explorer's options page, and goes to Accessibility, he can override font sizes there. He can also make a global font size change that will change it everywhere by just changing the DPI in Windows.

Why won't my husband's laptop connect to our Wi-Fi network with AT&T Uverse?

Episode 893

Monica from Torrance, CA

If everything else is working on that network, then it's clear the laptop is the issue. It's possible that they're using a WPA2 password and the laptop doesn't support that. Since the laptop isn't that old, Leo doesn't think that's it. She is getting signal on the laptop, it's just not connecting to the internet. It could be Internet Explorer. Try another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. It's also possible that the laptop is mis-configured for the new network. It may also be that malware is causing it, such as DNS Changer.

Why is Chrome not able to open my profile correctly anymore?

Episode 890

Randy from San Fernando Valley, CA

This can easily happen with any browser for a variety of reasons, where the browser can't change or read user data. Google Chrome data is stored in the "Application Data" folder. So Leo suggests finding that folder in local settings, and deleting everything in "Google Chrome User Data". He'll have to delete that data and start over.

Why is Firefox forcing me to upgrade to the latest version?

Episode 886

Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ

This is because security in the browser is paramount. Everyone including Firefox, Google, Microsoft and Apple all realize browsers have to be kept up to date. Microsoft has even created a site begging people still using IE6 to upgrade. Chip says he liked the separate search boxes in the older browsers, but Leo says it's not worth the security risk of staying with an older version. Firefox also had a severe problem with memory leaking causing a crash, so updating will fix that too.

I know Leo recommends Google Chrome, but is Firefox a good browser to use?

Episode 883

Enrique from Newport Beach, CA

Yes, Firefox is fine. Awhile back it had a memory leak, but that has since been fixed. It can, however, get bogged down by add-ons, and it isn't as secure as Chrome. Firefox is also pushing Enrique to upgrade to version 12, but he thinks it's slow. Leo says he really has to keep up to date with browsers because of security concerns. The only reason Enrique didn't want to switch to Chrome is because of the add-ons he uses, but there are similar add-ons that he can use with Chrome.

Why do my photos on ebay not show up until I reformat and reinstall?

Episode 878

John from Fullerton, CA

Leo says John surely shouldn't have to format and reinstall Windows every time this happens. Sometimes security software may block some images, but Leo doesn't think this is the case. Since the problem is with images showing up in Internet Explorer, John should try using a different browser. Leo suggests Google's Chrome. Leo thinks it's an excellent, fast and more secure browser. When John visits the site, if all of the images show up fine in Chrome, then there's probably something wrong in Internet Explorer.