Why are movies in Chrome showing up so small?

Episode 1062

Derek from Petaluma, CA

Derek is having problem with Google Chrome in Windows XP playing video. Leo says it's important to make sure Chrome is up to date. He should go to Help > About Google Chrome, and make sure it's green and checked as "up to date." He should also clear out his extensions. Extensions are great, but they can slow down the browser. Chrome uses it's own version of Flash, so the version of Flash he installed may be corrupt. Derek should make sure he has an updated video driver. Windows XP did something odd with video using hardware acceleration.

How do I install Flash on my Mac?

Adobe Flash

Episode 1051

Robert from Canoga Park, CA

Robert has finally saved up enough money to get a Mac, but he noticed he has to install Flash himself. Leo says that Steve Jobs hated Flash and as such, Apple stopped supporting it. Leo says he can download and install Flash from He should just make sure he gets it from the official site, and not a phoney one. He should also be careful not to fall for the scam that he needs a new version of Flash to watch a video. Download Flash from Adobe directly and install it.

Google Announces ChromeBook Pixel

Episode 955

Google announced the ChromeBook Pixel, which is essentially an internet browser that relies on Google Docs. At $1300, everyone is scratching their heads. Sure, it has a retina display with touch enabled capability. USB, 5 hour battery life, an i5 Intel processor with 4GB RAM and a 32GB hard drive, with WiFi. The problem is, there's no OS and no apps. Very little storage. The original ChromeBook for $300 is a cheap alternative for education. A high end $1300 ChromeBook, in Leo's opinion, is baffling.

Why do I keep getting error messages to close out of Internet Explorer?

Episode 916

Leslie from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that just happens when Internet Explorer is crashing. The web is an unpredictable place and bad code can be causing it to crash. Leo advises using the most recent version for her operating system, which would be Internet Explorer 8. She should make sure to run Windows Update regularly. In fact, set it to automatic so she doesn't have to worry about it. Also, once a month Leslie should be running Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. Click Start - Run - type MRT and hit enter.

Why does my browser keep re-opening windows and tabs I've just closed?

Internet Explorer

Episode 913

Frank from Chatsworth, CA

Leo doesn't think this is a malware issue because it's not opening up any malicious sites, just the ones he was previously visiting. The first thing to try is resetting Internet Explorer in settings. Doing a full reset may clear out what was causing the problem.

Frank could also do a Windows System Restore to the point before this started happening.