Chrome Boxes

What is a Good Computer for a Retired Person?


Episode 1646

Florence from Michigan

Florence is in her 70s and wants to buy a desktop, but she doesn't want one with a touch screen. Leo says that at this stage, Florence should consider a Chromebox. It will use Google Docs for word processing and do it just as well as any word processor.  But she also wants to do some photoshopping. Leo says that Chrome can do that too with an extension called Pixlr. Another is called POLARR.

Why is my Chromebook screen resolution so poor?

Acer Chromebook 14"

Episode 1494

Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA

Barb bought a Chromebook and the screen really isn't that great. Leo says that with a Chromebook under $400, corners have to be cut somewhere and it's likely the Chromebook manufacturer opted for a lower quality screen. If she paid more, she could get a better screen. The Acer 14" model Chromebook has a nice screen. Or, she could return the Chromebook and get a Chrome Box that she could use an external monitor with.