How can I use the internet in China?

Great Wall of China

Episode 1122

Allen from Hawaii

Allen is going on vacation to Beijing, China next week and wants to know what apps he can use on his phone. Will he also be able to use remote desktop? Leo says they call China's restrictions the "Great FireWall of China," and access to the internet is strictly controlled and constantly changing what they block. Wikipedia has a list of sites that is constantly updated that shows what websites are blocked and what aren't.

How can I use the Internet in China?

Episode 1005

Eileen from Huntington Beach, CA

Eileen is interested in VPN services when she goes to China. Leo says that in many cases, the Chinese government will block VPNs and in some cases, it could put up a red flag. Leo spent a few weeks in China a few years back and access to different social media comes and goes. There's a great Wikipedia Page which lists what works and what doesn't. Another good one is

What are my best options for cell service on Android in China?

Episode 880

Sam from San Francisco, CA

Sam is a Google Voice user, which is good news because this will mean his Google Voice number will forward his calls to any phone. He's more worried about the services he uses on Android not working in China. For this, he can check this Wikipedia page to see what sites and services are working in China at any given moment. Leo can't be certain that Google Voice will continue to work in China, although has used Skype with great results there.