Why can't I hear sound when I web chat?

Episode 1030

Joan from Garden Grove, CA

Joan has a new computer running Windows 8.1, but the sound doesn't work when she's doing webcasts. Leo says to go into the sound control panel and see if 5.1 surround sound is on. He advises changing it to mono or just stereo.

The chatroom says that changing to 2.1 sound will fix it. Leo also thinks that it may be a surround sound encoding issue. If it's flash, the chatroom says to disable hardware acceleration in Flash settings. She also may need to reset her sound settings in Google+.

Is Yahoo Messenger secure?

Episode 1001

Gammy from Los Angeles, CA

Gammy's father in law is from Iran and he has to make a personal appearance in Iran, or use Yahoo Messenger Webcam in order to collect his retirement. Leo says that although they're using an outdated Yahoo messenger, it's impressive that Iran will allow that. Gammy should assume that any web connection over the internet isn't private. At the very least, it'll be noticed by the NSA.