charging problems

Why isn't my iPhone charging with my power brick?

Apple iPhone 8

Episode 1524

Scott from Harlington, TX

Scott got an Anker backup battery and sometimes he gets a warning that the accessory may not be supported, and it stops charging the phone. It even does it with the Apple charging block. Rich says that Apple has a program called Apple MFI (made for iPhone). If his accessory is MFI, then the culprit could be a failing cable. It could also be that his phone's connector could have some lint in it preventing his cable from connecting completely. Rich suggests taking a toothpick and sweeping it out. A gentle burst of canned air is a good idea too, but he should be sure to be gentle.

Why does my MacBook have charging issues?

Apple MacBook Pro

Episode 1228

Ed from Crossville, TN

Ed is having problems with his MacBook Pro giving him an error that his cable isn't supported after updating OS X. Leo says that it would be odd that it's a software issue. It would have to be a hardware problem.

Ed is also frustrated that he has a screen reader and when an ad pops up, he has to start reading the web page all over again. Leo says that's an accessibility issue and is a very good reason to use an Ad Blocker. Sites should be made aware that they have a responsibility to make their sites accessible.