charging EVs

Why Does It Cost More to Register an Electric Vehicle?

Nissan Leaf

Episode 1827

Joe from Dalton, GA

Joe has an electric vehicle, but he noticed that his license plate fees have gone way up. Leo says the rationale is that since he's not paying taxes buying gas, they have to make that up somewhere. So they raise the license plate fees. But over the long haul, he's still saying money over gas. Can he use a fast charger on his Nissan Leaf? Leo says he may not. They rely on Chattimo chargers.

Sam Abuelsamid ... Charged up

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1752

Sam joins Leo to talk about charging an electric vehicle at home. Leo says that what stops people from buying an EV is the concern at charging at home. Sam says that the Mustang Mach E will charge at 150kw, the Tesla 250kw, Porche Ticon 300 kw. Leo says the length of time it takes is also an issue. You can fill up your tank in less than 5 minutes. But at 150kw charger takes 40 minutes. Sam says that Hyundai's Ionic5 line will support 350kw charging, which will add 60 miles of charge in 5 minutes.