Sam Abuelsamid ... Jump Started

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1736

Sam Abuelsamid joins Leo to talk about how you cannot jump start a gas car with an electric vehicle. The chief reason is that EVs have two batteries, one that runs the entire car system and acts as your main energy source, while the 12-volt battery runs things like windows and the radio. That extra 12-volt battery has a lower capacity and lower amps. There's also no alternator in an EV, like in a combustion engine. It has an inverter instead to handle DC to AC conversion.

How can I charge my phone while hiking?

American Red Cross Clipray the crank-powered, clip-on flashlight and smartphone charger

Episode 1372

Sheri from Pomona, CA

Sheri wants a good battery backup that will last a long time and will enable her to recharge via solar. Leo says the problem with solar is that to be portable, it'll take days to charge because it would be so small. That's why Leo recommends crank chargers. They also have emergency radios built in. Campers also have camp stoves that will charge the phone by converting heat to electricity.

Could a cheap quick charger damage my phone?

Anker Charger

Episode 1227

Greg from British Columbia, Canada

Greg wants to buy a quick charge charger. Could he damage his phone with a cheap one? Leo says no, but a cheap plug could overheat and catch fire. The quick charge circuitry is developed by Qualcomm, and they handle most of the processors in phones. So if it says Qualcomm on it, it'll be fine. But if it doesn't, then it's probably a cheap knock off. Even then, the wattage won't hurt his phone. Leo recommends Anker chargers.

How can I test how long my charger takes to charge my phone?

P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

Episode 1150

Amy from Maryland

Amy has several chargers and they all charge at different speeds. Can she run a speed test to see how long it takes to charge them? Leo says she can monitor power usage with the P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor. This plugs into the wall, then she can plug a charger into that. There's also this USB in-line voltage and current meter from ADAFruit.

Why won't my Android charger work on my Tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Episode 1102

Tim from Orange, CA

Tim has a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet and it won't hold a charge. He tried to use the charger with his phone and it won't take a charge either. Leo says that means the charger connector isn't seating properly. Leo suspects the cable itself is damaged. Leo recommends looking for a microUSB charger and he should get one with a minimum of 10 watts. That will guarantee that his device will charge faster. A new cable could do it as well, if it's detachable.

Is there one charger I can get for all of my mobile devices? (Part 1)

Scosche charger

Episode 1018

Mike from New Albany, MS

Mike has several mobile devices and would like just one charger that can handle all of them. Leo says that the Charlie Charger does that. It's a commercial charger that handles up to six phones. Unfortunately, with Charlie Charger the more devices he connects, the more the amperage drops.

Mike needs one that can devote a certain number of amps to each port. Scosche makes a 10 amp charger, giving two amps for each of the 5 ports, which should work great for Mike.

Should I get a solar powered mobile phone?

Episode 994

Jane from Anaheim, CA

Jane is thinking of getting a "solar powered" phone. Leo says not to get it, it doesn't really work and takes way too long to charge. The solar panel is just too tiny. She could get a solar charger that she can charge her phone with. Leo got his son Henry a Goal Zero Charger. This will charge a battery and then she could use the battery power to charge up the phone.