CES 2016

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1251

Fresh from Las Vegas, The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo survived CES. He goes to look for the really off-beat stuff. It's easier for him because he can avoid all the mainstream tech. The huge thing he saw was Hoverboards. Everyone had them and they all called them the SegWay without a handle. But he went to Segway and found the Segway Mini Pro, which is controlled by your legs back and forth to steer hands free. It also has inflatable rubber tires. It has a top speed of 10 MPH. It's also Bluetooth connected and you can controll it via a smartphone app. $1500.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1251

Scott is at CES for the latest in Home Theater and all the TV manufacturers are introducing new models of high dynamic range 4K TVs. There's finally a standard from the UHD Alliance called "Ultra HD Premium." But there's also a competing standard. Scott says that even though we have a budding format war, this time, they are largely interoperable. The 4K Blu-Ray players coming out are a lot cheaper as well, starting at $400. The first Blu-ray player was $1,000. So we're getting better at that and Leo says that by next year, they'll be under $100.

Why Do We Need CES Anymore?

Episode 1251

CES invaded Las Vegas this week with hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and media types covering the latest in technology. But frankly, Leo wonders why CES even exists anymore. The hottest story seemed to be a refrigerator with a monitor and camera so you can see what's inside. And most products that get announced at CES never see the market. Also, major brands have been gradually leaving CES in favor of having their own events. This was started by Apple, followed by Microsoft and even Samsung. There weren't even any huge announcements. So clearly, why does it even exist anymore?