What Certifications Do I Need for a Career in IT?


Episode 1725

Cameron from Lafayette, Ga

Cameron is looking to start a new IT career. He wants to know what certifications he needs to get into entry-level support. Leo says that there are various certs for IT, depending on what Cameron wants to specialize in. Certs are great for leveling the playing field when one doesn't have a lot of experience. For doing IT support, Comptia's A+ Certification is a good place to start. There are plenty of online videos on YouTube that can help. He can also get CompTIA books from Amazon.

Will a Cert Help Me to Get a Job in Computing?


Episode 1575

Daniel from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Daniel is graduating from college with a degree in Computer Science and now wants to know what Cert he should get. Leo says that largely depends on the job he wants. But an AWS cert is good no matter what as everything is using Amazon Web Services these days. But keep in mind, a degree is going to get him further than a Cert. 

Is an A+ IT Certification worth it?

Episode 1388

James from San Francisco, CA

James wants to get an A+ certification, but he's wondering if it's worth getting. Leo says that the main thing a certification shows an employer is that he set out to do something and proved that he completed it. That's really the main benefit and if he is looking for work in the IT field, it's not bad to have, especially if he's trying to get his first job. It's really only a test that he'll study for and take. It doesn't necessarily mean he is skilled or competent. A passion for the subject and a willingness to learn is of more benefit than just studying to pass a test.

How could my son get a job in IT?

Episode 1337

Manny from Parkland, FL

Manny's son wants to get into IT, but he's wondering how he could get a job. Leo says that certifications are the diplomas of the IT world. Microsoft and Cisco has CERT programs. He should look at the certs he wants to get and then sign up to get that training. There's even a hacker cert for those who want to work in IT security. Leo suggests ITPro.TV for getting the right training to qualify to test for the certs. Once he gets that first job, then it depends on how good he is at it for getting that second job.