How can I get started with a career in the tech field?

Episode 1102

Rod from Hemet, CA

Rod wants to change careers and get into the technology field. Leo says that following his interest is a good place to start. Starting his own app development may be a good idea, but it's not for everyone. Most people don't make a lot of money doing that. While he can learn to program, that doesn't mean he has the aptitude. IT Services is a growing field if he's good with people. Networking is also a great skill to have if he's mechanical.

Should I go to college or get my IT certifications?

Episode 1042

Paul from Wallace, MI

Paul wants to know if he should get IT certifications or go to a local junior college. Leo says that Paul could spend thousands at a private school getting IT certificates. Community colleges are very affordable. So that's where Leo would suggest going.

Certifications don't equal skills, however. The best way to get IT skills are on the job training or learning from real IT guys. But to get the first IT job, it's often necessary to get the certs. It's very valuable for job hunting.