cellphone coverage

What's the best cell phone company?

Episode 1309

Neil from Phoenix, AZ

Neil wants to know what cell phone provider is the best. He keeps hearing that Verizon is the best nationwide, and Leo says they may be. But the question is, what is the best cellphone company where Neil lives? He should ask his friends and neighbors what they use and if they like it. Leo really likes Google Fi. It uses three different carriers and switches to whatever is best, be it T-Mobile, Sprint, or US Cellular. If he travels overseas, Google Fi doesn't charge for international data roaming in many countries.

How can I improve cell coverage?

Episode 1256

Naomi from Denver, CO

Naomi has a friend who can't seem to get Internet access with her mobile phone. Leo says if she doesn't have good cell access in her home, then she should ask her carrier for a Femtocel that she can connect to. It basically uses the internet to make phone calls. But she'll have to have a separate internet connection to take advantage of it.

Another option is a signal amplifier. Naomi can check out WilsonAmplifiers.com for the WeBoost. It'll boost her cell signal from where it's best to where it's worst.