cell phones

Will the SIM from an AT&T phone work in a Verizon phone?

Episode 1146

Dianne from Williamsburg, PA

Dianne's 81 year old mother's cell phone was deactivated and she needs a new phone. Dianne wants to know if she could use the AT&T SIM in her old phone with an "Obama Phone" from Verizon on the Lifeline Assistance program. Leo doesn't think that would work. If not much time had passed, there's a chance that she could have her old number ported over to Verizon. But Dianne says it's been about a month since the old phone was cancelled, so that would be unlikely.

Why do I have weird phone numbers on my phone bill?

Google Voice

Episode 1054

Ernest from Nofolk, VA

Ernest's cellphone is making "ghost" cellphone calls. Leo says if he's getting phone numbers on his bill and they're not in the call log, it could mean that someone has cloned his SIM card. Since he has Verizon, it means someone may have cloned his CDMA phone. Ernest should contact the cellphone company and demand they refund him. He should go into a Verizon store and talk to someone face to face. They should be able to see the phone and the bill and see the issue is that the phone has been cloned.

What's the benefit of an extra cell phone battery vs. external battery cases?

Mophie Juice Pack

Episode 962

Colin from Huntington Beach, CA

Colin says one way Leo can save money on cell phone batteries is to buy an external battery. Leo says that he has plenty of external battery cases, but he still has to carry them around. He prefers the extra battery because it fits in his pocket. Leo does like the Mophie Juice Pack Air case, which puts the battery inside the case. He also says that Samsung has killed the myth that Apple doesn't let the battery be removable for the reason of keeping the phone slim.

How can I switch carriers without having to buy a new phone?

Episode 906

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay has a feature phone and he wants to change carriers without having to buy a new phone. He's on Verizon, which is a CDMA carrier at the moment, which means the only carrier Jay could move to is Sprint. Then he'd still need to have the phone unlocked. He can keep his number because the FCC has mandated that users can move (or port) their number over so they don't lose it.