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Take swelling iPhone batteries to the Apple Store ASAP!

If you have an iPhone battery swelling up and expanding, it's best to take the cell phone to your nearest Apple Store to get the battery replaced. The store may replace the battery for free since a bad battery can become a hazard (causing a phone to catch on fire or explode). Alternatively, an authorized Apple repair store could help fix the issue. For more on phone battery risk & safety information, check out Leo's recent episode of Ask the Tech Guy at https://youtu.be/LRfvgTFE9zk

How can I connect my cell phone to my landline?

Episode 1285

Brian from Lakeview Terrace, CA

Brian wants to use an old phone with his cell phone so he doesn't have to always use it. Leo says that there are devices that use voice over IP or VOIP. The chatroom says that Panasonic has a link to cell system but he'd have to buy a new phone to use it. Another option is to pair his cell phone to Google Voice and have that ring his landline at home.

Google Plans to Enter Wireless Business

Episode 1168

Multiple news reports are saying that Google has plans to enter the wireless business. The idea is that you'll be able to buy a phone with Google as the service provider. The interesting part, however, is that Google is negotiating with Sprint and T-Mobile. The phone you buy will work with both carriers, and it will connect to whichever network has the best signal. It will also utilize Wi-Fi whenever possible.

This is only a rumor as of now, but it's an interesting idea. The cell phone industry is ripe for disruption.

What are my best options for cell service on Android in China?

Episode 880

Sam from San Francisco, CA

Sam is a Google Voice user, which is good news because this will mean his Google Voice number will forward his calls to any phone. He's more worried about the services he uses on Android not working in China. For this, he can check this Wikipedia page to see what sites and services are working in China at any given moment. Leo can't be certain that Google Voice will continue to work in China, although has used Skype with great results there.