CD players

How can I unjam a carousel CD player?

CD Changer

Episode 1538

Mike from Colorado Springs, CO

Mike has a CD player with a tray that's jammed up. Leo says it's likely a titled CD that's blocked it and it's jammed. It may also be a torn table that has unglued itself and is gumming up the works. There may be a tiny hole that he can use a paperclip to free up the mechanism. Outside of that, he'll have to take it apart.

Image by Andrey Korzun [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

Why doesn't my computer see my optical drive?

Optical Drive

Episode 1518

John from Traverse City, MI

John is having an issue with his optical drive on his computer after a Windows 10 update. Leo says to check the cables to see if there's a bad cable first. Since the EFI Setup/BIOS doesn't see it, then that points to a hardware issue. It could be a bad board. He should try clearing the ESCD data in the memory. That could help. He can look in setup for it. There may also be a jumper on the motherboard to do it. If he still can't see it, then it's likely a bad CD player circuit board. The good news is, CD players are cheap.