CD burners

Can I still get a laptop with an optical drive?

Episode 1224

Mary from Newport Beach, CA

Mary would like to get a laptop that has the capability to burn a CD. Do they make them anymore? Leo says that she's probably not going to get an ultrabook for it. She will probably have to get an external drive that plugs in via USB. She could buy a larger laptop, a desktop replacement to do it, but they're heavy. She's not going to use that drive very often, so why not just buy a lighter, thinner laptop and buy an external optical drive for when she needs it? Leo also advises considering a Chromebook.

How can I install a CD Burner in my computer?

Episode 934

Tom from San Diego, CA

Tom bought a CD burner with a SATA connection and he can't use it with his IDE connector. Leo says Tom needs an IDE CD burner. The best thing to do, however, would be to just get an external USB CD burner.

Tom also is wondering about needing a driver for it. Leo says he shouldn't need one, but it will come with a lite version of CD burning software like Roxio CD Creator. Leo says physical media is dying, so it may reach a point where they will be hard to find.