What's the best way to back up my movies?

Episode 1018

Dominic from Bloomindale, IL

Dom has 10 terabytes of movies and TV shows. Could he use Carbonite to back them up? Leo says that Carbonite backs up very slowly. 10TB would take years to upload, and Comcast would likely cut Dom off. It would be expensive to store all that in the cloud. That doesn't mean Dom shouldn't have an off site option. He can use several hard drives, back them up, and swap them out every week. Back up the drive, wrap it in bubble wrap, and then store it somewhere other than his house. Hard drives are really cheap.

Do I need a separate backup for both Windows and Mac in Parallels?

Episode 1010

Theresa from Long Beach, CA

Theresa dual boots her iMac with Parallels, and is wondering if she needs to have a backup of each operating system separately. Leo says she does not, if she's running the other operating system in Parallels. If she was using Boot Camp to run each operating system natively on her Mac, then she would need to have separate backups. When she runs Windows in Parallels, it's actually running within OS X. That means, when OS X backs up, so does her installation of Windows.

How safe is my backup on Carbonite?

Episode 1006

Richard from Oxnard, CA

Richard is concerned that his backup won't be safe from the NSA. Leo says that Carbonite is as good as he can get because it has a "trust no one" encryption. Only he has the key to the encryption, not them. So that makes it a good choice.

However, there is a transfer point between his ISP and Carbonite. So the government can always go there and demand the "SSL" keys. And perfect forward security prevents the US government using older keys that are outdated.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).

Why does Carbonite crash every time I wake up my computer or restart it?

Episode 904

Derek from Oxnard, CA

Derek says that Carbonite for Mac keeps crashing after it goes to sleep. Leo says to make sure the hard drive isn't going to sleep along with the rest of the computer. Uncheck that option in the power saving settings. The other could be that Derek has a solid state drive (SSD).

The chatroom agrees. PippyDan had a similar issue and he turned off the hard drive and it never happened again.