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Why is My Car Playing U2 When I Get Inside?

Songs of Innocence

Episode 1614

Jon from LA, CA

Jon complains that U2 will start playing when he puts down his phone and gets into the car. It's very annoying. Leo suspects that it's the free U2 album that Apple gave to everyone a few years ago. It's called Songs of Innocence and it's probably in iCloud. Apple created a special tool to delete it, he can get it here. But the larger issue is that when he gets rid of it, his Bluetooth audio in his car will just play something else.

How can I perfectly set the audio levels in my Tesla?


Episode 1563

Greg from Whittier, CA

Greg just a Model X Tesla and he wants to know if there's a midline for music. Leo says that it's mostly personal taste. Start with "Flat" on the EQ settings, that is, in theory, how it was mixed at the recording studio. Then, adjust to his preferences. But a lot of music today is overly compressed as part of the current pop music trend. And he can't fix that. So just play with it until he can get a mix he will like. There's no perfect.

How can I connect a car stereo to my home speakers?

Car stereo

Episode 1114

Steve from Canoga Park, CA

Steve has a car stereo and he wants to connect it to home speakers. Leo says that he's got the resistance mismatched which could cause some damage. Steve will need a step converter to be able to handle it. But many believe that there's not enough mismatch to worry about it. An impedance matching transformer would fix it, as would two speakers in parallel.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 985

Scott Wilkinson recently listened to the stereo system that's being installed in Mazaratti's these days. The system, which is designed by BMW, is amazing according to Scott. Scott says it has a sub woofer and several DSP modes. 1200 watts. Leo's new car has 1400 watts, a sub woofer, 19 speakers and 14 channels. Scott says it likely also has speed dependent volume. He also says that Mazaratti says that there are seven notes that you can pick up in the engine noise and Mazaratti has turned it into music.

What car stereo head unit will work best with the iPhone?

Episode 925

Tony from Ladera Ranch, CA

Tony's daughter wants a car stereo that will connect to her iPhone. Leo says that he can buy a new head end stereo, but it may be easier to just get a cassette adapter that will use the existing car stereo. He could also get an FM radio transmitter, but in the city, there's just too much congestion on the radio dial for that.