capture cards

Why can't I capture my home movies?

Episode 1421

Gabby from San Diego, CA

Gabby is trying to digitize video tapes with her computer, but it won't play on the laptop with her capture software. What Leo suspects is the the device isn't seeing her VCR. She may also need to look in the VCR's menu settings to see if it has the right output settings. The TV she has connected is probably causing a handshake issue, so it's advised to disconnect it from the equation.

How can I capture home movies onto a computer?

Elgato Video Capture Card

Episode 957

Elliot from Agoura, CA

Elliot wants to capture old VHS movies to a computer he plans to buy. He needs to get a capture card for it. Does the processor speed have anything to do with it? Leo says that capture cards have the capability to re-encode as it captures. Unless it's a cheap one and then it may rely on the CPU to do the heavy lifting. Look for one that supports built-in H.264 encoding. That way, the card does the work.