Canon Vixia

What camcorder should I get?

Canon Vixia

Episode 1099

John from Marvista, CA

John would like to get a camcorder. Leo says this is a dying category and since John is currently using a DSLR for still photography, upgrading his Canon Rebel to a new body like the T5i would be excellent for HD video. He also wouldn't have to carry more than one camera on his vacation. A point and shoot camera also offers good HD video as well. But if John really wants one, Leo uses the Canon Vixia models. They're very affordable, between $100-700.

What video camera do you recommend?

Episode 961

Liza from Ontario, CA

Liza wants to get a new video camera and wants Leo's recommendation. Leo says it depends on what she's planning to use it for. Camcorders are disappearing as more people rely on their still cameras and smart phones. Both of which do really good video these days. Liza says they don't shoot for very long, though. She wants to record soccer games from beginning to end. Leo recommends the Canon Vixia HF-R300 for under $300.