Should I buy a Sony a7s?

Episode 1086

Eric from California

Eric got to shoot with the Sony a7s and he thinks it's amazing. Leo says that the a7s makes Sony a dark horse in the category, and out of nowhere they've become a heavy hitter. It tells Leo they're more committed to the platform that they're coming out with this a7s. It's also less expensive than the previous model, the a7r.

Leo says that mirrorless cameras are more compact and they're really starting to take off with professionals. Leo uses the Olympus OM-D micro 4/3s. But for Eric's location work, the Sony a7s is ideal.

Can I get a camera that would be able to detect auras coming from metal?

Episode 1084

Alan from Marina Del Rey, CA

Alan is looking for a good digital camera with a specific feature. He needs one with a neutral density filter. Leo says that he can get neutral density filters for DSLRs, but for what Alan wants (which is to see "auras" of gold and other precious metals in the ground), it's snake oil. He's better off with a metal detector for that.

What's the best video camera for a kid?

Olympus TG-2

Episode 1074

Jenny from Cypress, CA

Jenny's daughter wants a video camera, what should she get? Leo says that since Jenny's daughter has an iPhone, she already has a great camera there. Camcorders are dying. So Leo recommends getting a point and shoot camera with a good zoom. They shoot great HD video these days.

Leo likes the Olympus TG-2. It's a tough camera that's both dust proof and water proof.

What camera should I buy my wife?

Episode 1066

Kevin from Iowa

Kevin wants to get his wife a nice DSLR, but he's confused by the sensor sizes. Should he get CMOS or CCD? Leo says that all DSLRs have CMOS sensors now, and they come in various sizes; usually APS-C, full frame, or micro four-thirds sensors. The bigger the sensor, the more light it can take in. Naturally, full frame is more expensive and tends to be in professional grade cameras. But that doesn't mean that APS-C isn't good. It's great, especially for the hobbyist. Having more megapixels is also a good thing, but only to a point.

How many megapixels should I have in a camera?

Episode 1062

Tim from Huntington Beach, CA

Tim is looking at new cameras and wants to know about megapixels. Are more pixels better? Leo says no. It's not how many pixels he has, it's how large the sensor is. The larger the sensor, the more light he'll have and the more detail he'll be able to get. The more megapixels he has on a smaller sensor, the more noise he'll get. So the key is a large sensor. Going from 8MP to 12 isn't going to make that much difference.