Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1337

This week's gadget from Dickie D is the Panono Camera. It's a ball with 36 3MP cameras embedded in it and you toss it up in the air and it takes a picture when it reaches the apogee of the arc. It costs $1999.00. It turns out that the units are very difficult to produce and it sounded like they were almost hand making them. When you throw it in the air, be sure you catch it, because they break if they hit the ground hard! That could be why they now sell a special selfie stick, so you can just hold it over your head. That adds another $50 the cost.

How can I edit security camera videos?

Nest Camera

Episode 1315

Paul from Culver City, CA

Paul is looking for an HD security camera, where he could save and then edit the videos. Leo says the Google Nest cameras are good for that. They are very high resolution, but they use a lot of bandwidth upstream - 1 Mbps per camera. That could kill his internet in some cases. He may also have to pay for offline recording. He'll be able to download the video and edit it, though. That's probably the easiest way. Otherwise he'd have to wire the cameras to his computer and capture it directly.

What camera would be best for product shots?

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Silver

Episode 1294

Brett from California

Brett makes jewelry and sells it online. She needs a good camera to take pictures of her products. Leo says that any point and shoot would work, even a modern camera phone. There are guides on how to photograph an object that will improve her sales. It should be shot with a photo softbox using lights and a diffuser. Leo likes the Canon ELPH for a camera though.

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What's a good camera for low light video recording?

Sony RX100

Episode 1287

John from Tustin, CA

John needs a camera that will take better video in low light. Leo says that smartphones aren't really known for having good low light performance, but they are getting better. A camera will perform a lot better, especially if it has a larger chip. Full frame 35mm are the best in low light, but it's also a lens speed issue. The lower the f-stop rating, the faster the lens.

Super Bowl 50 Coverage Will Not Disappoint

Episode 1258

Super Bowl 50 will have 75% more cameras than last year, and the cameras will be unusual. There will be the pylon cameras that have been used during the regular season this year. It gives you a worms-eye-view of action. It'll be shot with 5K cameras as well, but it won't be broadcast in 5K or even 4K. They also will be using 36 360 degree cameras, so they'll be able to look at a play from every angle. The pylon cameras themselves are even 2K, and that's the lowest resolution they're using.