Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1521

Scott is a certified home theater calibrator, having received his cert from THX, but ISF is also a good cert. He recently got a question about calibrating a BenQ projector for his home theater system. Where can he find one other than from Best Buy? Scott says that ISF has the contract to train Best Buy calibrators, but Scott wouldn't really worry about Best Buy. He would just get recommendations on who is the best in his area.

Should I calibrate my TV?

Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics

Episode 1396

Tracy from Manhattan Beach, CA

Tracy just replaced his Pioneer Kuro with an LG B7 OLED TV. Scott says it's a pity he had to, because it was the best TV ever made, but all good things come to an end. Should he calibrate the LG OLED? Scott says he can pay a professional to calibrate his TV, but he can get about 80% of the way by selecting the "Cinema" mode in the settings. He can also get HD Blu-ray DV Essentials to help dial in the settings.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1333

Scott says that Robert Heron went to Leo's house this week and recalibrated Leo's TV. He found that using his equipment, it ended up being OK. He used a different meter and the results were consistent and far better. That leaves Scott to conclude that his meter may have been out of adjustment. But that's also useful information because it points to the potential of a faulty profile that can cause errors in calibration. Leo says that if that error happens 15-20% of the time, then how do you trust your calibrator? Scott says it's not a common occurrence.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1329

Scott went up to Petaluma while Leo was on vacation to calibrate his new 4K TV LG B6. He said that the colors were a bit off, especially in the reds and blues. Leo didn't notice that. Scott says that he wouldn't notice unless he had a "reference monitor" or professional colorimeter to see it. It could also be that the process used to calibrate it was flawed, which can happen from time to time.

Is my Vizio TV worth calibrating?

Disney WOW Calibration Disc

Episode 1327

Michael from Yorba Linda, CA

Michael just got the 2016 Vizio M-Series and he wants to know what the "Calibrated Mode" is. There is no "Movie Mode." There's also a Vivid Mode. Stay away from Vivid Mode. That's for the show room floor. "Calibrated" isn't really calibrated, it's their best guess. So it may not be ideal, but it's worth a try. Standard Mode is the closest he'll get to a Movie Mode. There's also a color temperature setting of "warm" that he'll want, or 6500K.

Is it important to have a new TV professionally calibrated?

Disney WOW Disc

Episode 1328

Michael from Encinitas, CA

Michael is looking at a Vizio M-Series TV, but doesn't know if it's the 2016 model. Scott says it is. Is calibration important? It can be. The more you spend on a TV, the more important calibration is, and the less of a financial hit it is. For the Vizio M series, which is under $2,000, Scott says it's not worth spending another $300 to $500 for a professional calibration. Michael can get 80% of the way there himself by buying a $30 disc from Amazon. The one Scott recommends is the Disney World of Wonder disc.

Calibrate Your HDTV

HDTVs, by default, come set up to be put on display in a showroom. The settings are cranked up to the extreme, with vibrant and bright colors designed to catch your eye among a sea of TVs. While it may seem desirable, it doesn't provide for much of a cinematic experience and is not at all accurate to colors in the real world. This is why calibrating the TV can make it a much better experience overall.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1049

Scott has a computer running Windows XP. It's his calibration computer and he doesn't put it online. Leo says that there isn't anything wrong with that as long as it's not used online. This week's question is: What is the best HDTV Calibration utility to buy? Scott says he really likes Disney's World of Wonder (WOW) Disc. It's hosted by Goofy and they walk you through the process of calibrating your TV in a fun, Disney way. Scott says that it has an excellent walk-through with some great demo content.