How can I delete someone from my Google Calendar?


Episode 1464

Diane from Chicago, IL

Diane wants to know how to remove someone from her Google Calendar. Leo says it's likely pulling the information from her address book in Google contacts or her PC contacts. She should look for the entry and delete anything she doesn't want to keep track of, and it will disappear.

Diane also wants to save her music from her phone to her computer. Leo says DoubleTwist is the app for that.

How can I use my iPhone with my Windows PC?


Episode 1393

Andy from Florida

Andy has an iPhone SE and he noticed that he can text phones from his PC using the email address provided by the carrier. Another option is to use a texting app that has a desktop app as well. Options include WhatsApp and Telegram, but he'd only be able to use it with people who use those apps. Facebook Messenger is an idea though. It works in the browser as well as mobile device.

What happened to my voicemail messages?

Episode 1345

Tim from Simi Valley, CA

Tim's wife has an iPhone 6s Plus and her voicemail messages have disappeared! AT&T's visual voicemail expires after awhile and they will delete them after 60 days. AT&T probably has a copy somewhere, but Tim says they are no help at all. For future reference, there are programs that can get voicemails off the phone. They should check out eCamm's PhoneView for the Mac. It's free to try, and $30 to buy. It'll move all of her messages, SMS, and more. It may also be able to recover deleted messages from the iPhone.

How can I replace the calendar on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Sunrise Calendar

Episode 1094

Ruth from Los Angeles, CA

Ruth just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5 and she's having issues with seeing her calendar. Leo says that Samsung has replaced Google's calendar with its own and he doesn't like it. Leo suggests getting a third party calendar. He likes Sunrise.

Sunrise is an awesome, free calendar that will sync to Google calendar and contacts directly. That's why Google has pushed for Samsung and other manufactures to offer Google editions of their phones.

How can I sync my Outlook calendars?

Episode 999

John from St. Georges, UT

John can't get his Outlook calendar to sync. Leo says syncing is a dark art. Issues in sync include data duplication, and multiple calendar users. His issue is with Outlook and Google Calendar.

Leo says that Outlook is a poorly written Calendar. Leo advises getting rid of it altogether and relying solely on Google Calendar. It'll work with anything, any platform (except Outlook, obviously), and it'll sync. He should make sure Outlook email and announcements are set in his settings. He should have no issues once he goes to Google exclusively.

How can I sync my contacts onto my new Android phone without getting duplicates? (Part 2)

Episode 895

Sundar from Midland, Maryland

Whenever someone gets an Android phone, it will ask them to log in using their Google account. Unless he specifically chooses not to have it sync, it will sync his contacts. Since Sundar had already copied his contacts over using a microSD card, he has duplicates. Leo would stop syncing using the microSD card, and only sync with Google. Leo lets Google handle all of his contacts and calendar information, and he doesn't keep it anywhere else. The advantage to this is, when he gets a new phone, he just has to sync it to Google and he'll have the same address book everywhere.