cable companies

Do I really need a cable box for every single TV I have?

TIVO Roamio

Episode 1104

David from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

David's cable service went out, so he got the cable company to come out and fix it. Now they're suddenly requiring every single TV have its own set-top box, and they'll charge $7 a month for each one. Leo says that when we went digital several years ago, the federal government opened the door for this kind of shake down.

How can I get college football online?

Episode 1008

Dave from Thousand Oaks, CA

Dave is a college football fan and thanks to the Time Warner Cable and CBS issue, and that the Pac12 Network isn't carried by Verizon, he can't see the football he wants. Leo says that exclusives are annoying because it restricts the viewer. Leo predicts that CBS and Time Warner will resolve their issues by the start of the NFL season. Pac12 has an app that could help.