How can I burn a DVD?


Episode 1218

Jan from Jacksonville, FL

Jan wants to know how she can watch all of her videos on the TV by making a DVD. Leo says that things are changing and less people are relying on optical media. If she wants to burn a DVD, she'll need software that will import all the videos and craft a disc to burn it. Is Nero still good for that? Leo says that Nero is fine, but almost all video editing software will burn DVDs now.

Why can't I see song titles on the CDs I just burned?


Episode 1088

Michael from Long Beach, CA

Michael tried burning CDs, but he can't see the track names that he gives it when he tries loading that CD on a different computer. Leo says that's because the CDs don't include that information. It should be remembered in iTunes, but the physical media itself wouldn't have that data. It's normal and not part of the spec. If he sees it, that's because the device has identified it and downloaded the listings from the internet. Leo recommends uninstalling all burning software, iTunes, and Quicktime. Then he should install Quicktime first, then iTunes. That should clean up iTunes.

What's the easiest way to burn CDs in Windows 7? (Part 1)

Episode 1068

Michael from Long Beach, CA

Michael wants to back up all his images onto CDs for safe keeping. He used to use Nero, but it doesn't work on Windows 7. Leo says that Windows may be able to burn it natively. He'll want to format the CD and then drag the files onto it. Then he can select "burn," and it'll be done. Leo says he doesn't put stuff on CDs anymore, he uses the Cloud instead. And with Flickr by Yahoo offering 1TB of free image storage, it's a good option. Also, just having one backup isn't really a backup. Backing up to the cloud is a wise idea.

Why are my ripped DVDs playing fine on my PC, but not playing audio when I burn another disc?

Episode 910

Shelley from Agoura Hills, CA

Shelley is ripping her DVDs using WinX DVD Ripper. It plays fine on her PC, but when she burns it in Roxio, there's no audio. Leo says that her settings in Roxio is likely the issue. Leo advises burning in the MPEG2 format instead, with AC3 for audio. It needs to be in that format for the DVD to play correctly.

Why can't my burned DVD disc be read?

Episode 899

Bob from Mansfield, OH

Leo says it really depends on how the disc was burned. It's likely the disc has gone bad. There are two ways a disc can be burned. One is to burn the whole thing and finalize it, meaning it can't be altered later. The other is using UDF, meaning he would be able to add to it later. He would need a special driver to read that, and he'd have to finalize that disc before it could be read by other computers.

How do I burn videos from my computer to DVD?

Episode 875

Julia from Fresno, California

Windows Movie Maker can do this, and it's available as a free download at get.live.com. Or if she plans to do more video editing, she could get Adobe Premiere Elements for $79. There also is a free 30 day trial version she can get. Premiere does a very nice job authoring DVDs. The term "authoring" simply means creating a DVD with a title screen and menu similar to commercial DVDs.