Why am I getting photos that aren't mine in my Google Photos app?

Episode 1192

Diane from San Diego, CA

Diane took Leo's suggestion and downloaded Google Photos, but she's discovered the same thing that Leo has -- she's getting strange pictures she's never seen before. Leo says that Google does have a way to mass delete photos, but if they're mixed in with hers, then she won't want to get rid of them. She'd have to go one by one and delete them. There's also the thought of deleting someone else's photos, which could be terrible.

Boeing's New 787 Airline Requires a Reboot Every 248 Days

Episode 1183

Discovering a flaw in the computerized electrical system, Boeing has announced that their new 787 Dreamliner must be rebooted every 248 days or face a catastrophic failure that could cause the plane to crash. The flaw is wrapped around it's 32 bit operating system that can reset it's values to zero after a set time, causing the electrical system to simply shut off, which could cause the plane to fall from the sky. So until they can write a software patch to repair it, Boeing is just telling airlines to reboot their planes every 248 days.

How can I download Windows 10?

Episode 1171

Eric from Hutchinson, KS

Eric wants to play with the Windows 10 beta edition. Leo says it's very early and not complete, and it's not something he'd want use as his daily driver. Eric was thinking of putting it on a USB key and booting from that. Leo says that's a good idea.

To download it, he can sign up at insider.windows.com. He can then download it and give it a try. But remember, it's very, very early.

Why do my windows minimize by themselves?


Episode 1123

Shriley from Lomita, CA

Shirley can't keep her Windows open because they minimize without her pressing the button. She tries to use the Internet Explorer icon to bring them back, and they stay for awhile, but then disappear again. Leo says that there's a Windows M key on the keyboard that will do it. Also, there's a program that may want Shirley's attention and, as such, it's shrinking the windows. Putting the mouse in the corner may do it as well, so she should make sure it's moved out of there.

How can I free up space on my iPhone?

Apple iPhone 5

Episode 1051

Joe from Kansas City, MO

Joe's iPhone 5 is having issues with Messages. When he erases messages, it doesn't free up any of the space on his phone. Apple says it's a known bug. Leo says there's a program called iBackupBot which will backup his phone, then delete the info and restore what's left to the phone. Or, he can backup his phone to the cloud, then toggle documents and data to off, and then restore.