Why is my PC giving me a blue screen?

Power Supply

Episode 1146

Moses from Apple Valley, CA

Moses has been getting a blue screen of death (BSOD). What is that? Leo says that a BSOD is a crash that has forced Windows to not work anymore. Moses has reinstalled Windows, but it still happens. Leo says that points to a hardware issue. A hardware flaw like a flakey power supply, video card or hard drive. It also could be a driver, but with a spontaneous reboot, it's probably the power supply. Fortunately, these are easy to replace. He can even do it himself. Moses should make sure he matches the existing power supply in wattage.

Can a virus cause a blue screen of death?


Episode 1144

David from Burbank, CA

David's computer started to get the dreaded bluescreen of death and he took it to the Geek Squad to get it repaired. They said it was a virus and sold him WebRoot. Leo says that the Geek Squad couldn't have been more wrong and just sold him an antivirus software he didn't need. Almost always, the problem with BSOD is either a driver or hardware issue. BSODs only happen as a result of accessing ring 1 memory on the computer and that's only drivers or hardware. Malware won't result in a BSOD.

What can I do about a Windows blue screen of death?

Episode 1006

Jack from California

Jack gets the dreaded blue screen of death when he boots into Windows, and he can't even boot into safe mode. Leo says that tends to imply a serious error. It's either bad hardware or bad drivers. If he can't boot into safe mode, then that points to a hardware problem. It could be bad memory or a flakey hard drive. It could also be that the hard drive may have a bad bit in just the right spot that's causing the crash. Leo recommends running the repair utility from his Windows install disc. If that doesn't repair it, he may need a new hard drive.

How can I prevent the Blue Screen of Death?

Episode 942

Angelo from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Angelo has a laptop that's only 3 years old and he gets a blue screen of death about every hour or so. Leo thinks there's a hardware issue that's causing it since Angelo has upgraded to Windows 7 and the issue still occurs. That points to a hardware issue, not software, and that likely means replacing the motherboard. Unfortunately it will be cheaper to just get a new laptop.

Why am I repeatedly getting the Blue Screen of Death?

Episode 920

Glen from San Diego, CA

Glen bought a Dell Studio 15 and has updated it to Windows 7. He's now getting a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). Leo says more often than not, it's a hardware problem. He recommends NirSoft's BlueScreen View. It'll interpret the BSOD and will show him the last event that happened before it crashed and learn more about why it happened.