Putting a Freeze on Credit Files

In the wake of the Equifax breach, many people have explored options on additional security and damage control. Putting a security freeze is a step above fraud alerts and can prevent thieves from getting credit in a victim's name, even if they have their social security number. For those under 65 years of age, putting a credit freeze costs $10 (so a total of $30 for all three major credit bureaus). Freezes can be requested by mail or online, and the bureaus must place the freeze within three business days of receiving the message.

Target Gets Hacked, 40 Million Credit Cards Taken

Episode 1041

Target says that between Black Friday and December 15th, point of sale registers were hacked company wide and over 40 million credit and debit cards were seized. Target hasn't really said much on what customers should do. Leo says that the safest thing to do is assume your card had been grabbed and notify your bank. You could spend the next year checking your statements, but Leo says to simply get a new card and close the other account. Leo also says that there was no breach in Target stores in Canada because they require both a chip in your credit card and a PIN.