Chris Marquardt: Through the Round Lens

Episode 1421

The topic for today's Photo segment is why lenses are round and not rectangular like the images. Chris says that a lens is essentially a projector, and all projectors cast a circular image. What makes the image square is the sensor, though the original Kodak actually printed round images. It's also better to have round lenses because round motion can convert to linear motion more easily.

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1210

Chris says that you don't need a Macro or Wide Angle lens. There are plenty of ways to turn your current lenses into both.

1) Get an extension ring. It goes between the camera/lens increasing the distance. It reduces the minimum focal distance without affecting quality all that much. And you can get one with contacts to keep automatic functions.

2) You can also get a filter that acts as a magnifying flass. It needs to be "achromatic" to correct for color and distortion. But that's a good option as well.