Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1143

Scott is getting questions about 4K and if it's a good idea to buy an A/V receiver to get ready for it. Scott says no, because no standards have been settled yet. And why are there so many 4K TVs out? Scott says that the TV manufacturers even caught Hollywood off guard, and even though there's some great deals out there for 4K TVs, the odds are they won't be supported in the adopted standards once they do come out. Not only that, but according to Joe Kane, the 4K TVs are just HDTVs with 4x more pixels.

Can I install a blu-ray player into my laptop?

Episode 1019

Matt from Hillsborough, NJ

Matt has a Lenovo laptop and he wants to install a Blu-ray player in it. Leo says that because Blu-ray is more copy protected than a DVD burner, it's more of a challenge to use it on a computer. Windows 8 does support Blu-ray, but he'll still need HDCP support which could require more software. Leo recommends looking around to see if anyone's done this with his particular laptop before he proceeds. While he's at it though, Matt should also install a solid state drive, which will make it a lot faster.

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1015

Scott says that some disagree with Leo that physical media is going to die out. Leo says it's easy to tell just by seeing how many Blockbuster video stores are closing. Scott agrees and says that UHD may not even have blu-ray discs. RED is creating a new 4k network, as is Sony, streaming from the internet and storing it to the hard drive. No physical media, however. Admittedly, though, streaming relies on high speed internet and that has it's own problems.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1013

While Leo is out of town, Scott is coming up to Leo's house to calibrate his new OLED TV with Robert Heron, and they will be recording it for a future episode of Home Theater Geeks. If people want to calibrate their home, what are the best Blu-rays to use? Scott says that Master and Commander is ideal because of the blacks and shadows which have very subtle details.

How can I get Samsung tech support to acknowledge a common issue with its Blu-ray players?

Samsung D5300 Blu-ray player

Episode 983

Lee from West Hills, CA

Lee has three identical Samsung Blu-ray players, model D5300, that can't play Blu-rays longer than approximately an hour and forty minutes. This started happening with a recent firmware update. When it reaches that point, the video slows down and the audio drops out. Lee has to stop and restart the disc to get it to work correctly.

Scott Wilkinson said he will look into this issue and find out if its a widespread issue. If it is, Samsung will just release another firmware update that will resolve the problem.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 967

Scott has a new poll at AVS Forum - Is the end of physical media inevitable? With more people choosing streaming options for their entertainment needs, what's the point of getting physical media? Well, Leo says that while streaming is convenient, the enthusiast will play the quality card and say that Blu-ray discs are a far better experience because streaming is highly compressed. Streaming is also hard on films, like Lincoln, that have a lot of dark lighting and colors.