If Blogger closes down, can I get my posts?

Episode 1026

Karen from Norco, CA

Karen has a blog through Google's Blogspot and she's worried that Google might kill it since it seems to be killing a lot of its services. Leo says that while Google does kill apps from time to time, as long as she owns her own domain name, she can use Google's Data Liberation capability and just open a new blog somewhere else. It would be a hassle, but Google usually gives plenty of warning before killing a product.

How can I change my blog's URL without losing views?

Episode 984

Janet from Santa Monica, CA

Janet has a blog on Blogger and the URL is really long. She'd like to change the URL (, but she's worried she'll lose views by changing the name. Leo says that Janet should go into the domain management settings in blogger and have a custom domain name forward to the Blogspot site. It's called domain redirection and it shouldn't affect her Google ranking.

How can she make money on her site? Leo suggests using Google AdSense right away. Check out the book "Google AdSense Secrets" too.

Should my next web site use Apple's iWeb?

Episode 873

Josh from Los Angeles, CA

Josh wrote a book and sold it through a third party. For his second book, he’s going to publish it himself, but he needs a webpage and is thinking of using iWeb. Like Microsoft's Frontpage, Apple's iWeb is a proprietary technology that requires you continue to use iWeb forever, I don't like that lock in. Furthermore, Apple shows every sign of discontinuing the program. So let's find a better choice.