How can I save text messages on an old cell phone?

BlackBerry Classic

Episode 1187

Steve from Dana Point, CA

Steve needs to upgrade from his old BlackBerry and he wants to know how he can export and save his text messages. Leo says it's possible to save text messages via SIM, but the SIM is very small. He could back up the text messages with the BlackBerry software, as well as third party solutions, but whether they will be legally viable after that is another story. Which is why Leo would recommend keeping the phone and sim as is and get a new SIM for the new phone.

What's a good small screen smart phone?

BlackBerry Classic

Episode 1186

Eric from Ann Arbor, MI

Eric's mom uses an old phone that has a physical keyboard. She needs a new phone now and he can't seem to find one small enough for her. Leo says that Samsung does make smaller versions of their Galaxy Phones, like the Alpha, which is 4.7 inches. The smaller the screen, though, the harder it will be to type. He can go with the older iPhone, like the iPhone 5 or even the iPhone 4S, which is available for free now. It's a great smartphone for a first choice.

What phone carrier is best in Santa Monica?

Episode 1184

Dana from Redondo Beach, CA

Dana says that the best carrier in Santa Monica depends on who you're calling and where you're calling from. Different phones work better in different areas because of algorithms. Some carriers are going to be better in certain zones than others. But she says that T-Mobile is the best out there based on her experience as a phone company executive.

Is Blackberry email encrypted?

Blackberry Passport

Episode 1139

Michele from Santa Monica, CA

Michele is contemplating getting a Blackberry because she thought it had the best encryption. Leo says that every smartphone can be encrypted. But the traffic coming out of the smartphone is another issue.

Encryption on the Blackberry runs through Blackberry's own servers. But even email can't really be encrypted unless she shares that encryption with the recipient.

Where can I buy a Blackberry Z10?

Blackberry Z10

Episode 1126

Benny from Pasadena, CA

Benny wants to get a Blackberry Z10 because he used one for awhile and loved it. Leo says that they're easy to find on eBay, but Leo likes to get stuff like that from NewEgg. He can get one "open box" from them for around $200. He should make sure he doesn't get the Verizon version, he'll want the AT&T and T-Mobile versions that are unlocked. Those are called "Unlocked GSM."

Can I buy a new phone and keep my unlimited data plan?

Blackberry Bold

Episode 1106

Alan from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Alan still uses a Blackberry Bold and he's keeping it because of his unlimited data. Leo says that if he pays the full price for the phone and it's not being subsidized, chances are he won't lose his data plan. The carrier will try hard to get him to transition off the unlimited plan to a family share plan, but Leo says they'll get him on overage charges. So he should keep it as long as he can. The chatroom says Verizon doesn't consider the Blackberry Bold a smartphone, so he may not be able to keep that unlimited data plan no matter what he does. He also wants to tether to his laptop.

Blackberry Posts $4.4 Billion Loss in Third Quarter, Inks Foxconn Deal

Episode 1042

Blackberry reported a $4.4 billion loss in the third quarter, as it struggles to stay relevant against makers Samsung, Apple, and Motorola. Since the Canadian government won't allow for Blackberry's phone division to be sold outside of Canada, Blackberry has made a deal with Foxconn to produce devices for the Asian markets.

BlackBerry Inks Foxconn Deal After Dismal Quarter (PCMag)…,2817,2428609,00.asp

How can I make Lotus Notes work with Android?

Episode 1032

Dave from Crystal Lake, IL

Dave keeps track of all of his customers using the "tasks" section of Lotus Notes, and has been using it with a Blackberry. Now his company is switching to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 and needs to find a way to make it work with that. Leo hasn't been using Lotus Notes for a long time, but ScooterX from the chatroom found something called IBM Notes Traveler in the Google Play store.

What phone should I replace my old Blackberry with?

Episode 976

Gordon from Los Angeles, CA

Stan is upgrading his Blackberry phone and wants to know which smartphone to get. Leo says to not count out the Blackberry Q10 through T-Mobile. It'll be like the new Z10, but with a keyboard. If he's used to Blackberry's ecosystem, it'll certainly be a good upgrade. Will they use the "pearl" trackball? Leo says no, Blackberry has discontinued that. Stan liked the pearl though for running through menus quickly.